Top 5 Arizona Attractions & Boat Tours

Arizona is known primarily for its scenic vistas, and the mixture of the scenery and history makes for an attractive spot to visit. There is a wide variety of experiences available in the Grand Canyon State. The following are just several of the many destinations worth seeing.

Desert Belle – Saguaro Lake in Mesa, AZ

The Desert Belle is a boat tour of picturesque Saguaro Lake. The 90-minute, narrated tour on the air-conditioned vessel enables you to see unspoiled desert views and wildlife in its natural habitat. Desert Belle Cruises also offers live music and wine cruises, as well as serving as an event venue. Don’t miss out on The Desert Belle boat tour at Saguaro Lake, Arizona.

The Grand Canyon

Arizona is most notable for the Grand Canyon National Park and the panoramic, expansive views it contains from both the north and south rims, in addition to the biodiversity in the area. It is even possible to hike to the bottom, which can be up to a mile deep.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is made up of two distinct areas, upper and lower, and is located near the Arizona-Utah border. The slot canyon is a very scenic, almost alien locale because of the appearance of the rocks inside. The site is only accessible with Navajo guides as it is on tribal lands. The guides are also able to help you obtain the best pictures of the site. 

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another spectacular site near the Arizona-Utah border, with the entrance being in Utah. The Navajo Tribal Park is known for its history as a filming spots for many Western movies. Due to its location, parts of the site are only accessible via a guided tour.


Sedona is famous for the red rock surrounding the city and the spiritual nature of a significant amount of the populace. The red rock lends itself to the creation of interesting formations, such as Cathedral Rock. There are also a wide variety of ways to tour the area and experience being in the mountains. Sedona is also known for being a center of spirituality because of the vortexes that are renowned to have healing and meditative properties. 

Arizona has a great many attractions that span from museums to watersports. The state is known for its breadth of natural sites and offers many ways to explore them, from boat cruises to hiking, to helicopter rides, to everything in between. One won’t lack for activities, should they be traveling alone, as a couple, or as a family.